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Web Site Disclaimer

Thank you for visiting FloridaInjuryLawyer.com   The information here is general in nature. It is not intended to serve as legal advice.  Each case is different and the only way to become a client is to contact me by phone, fax or email and provide me with the details of your case. After that, I can advise you on your legal rights and then we may agree to work together as attorney and client. The only way I would be your attorney is if we both sign all of the necessary documentation including a Statement of Client Rights and a Contract for Services.

You should feel free to provide the details of your case through the website or emailing me at [email protected] or by calling me at 1877 INCOURT.

An initial consultation with Attorney Joseph C. McIntyre is free of charge. Just scheduling or completing the free initial consultation does not form an attorney/client relationship.  That relationship only begins when both the attorney and the client signs a Contract for Services and Statement of Client Rights.

If I decide not to take on your case you should contact another attorney.  A Florida law known as the Statute of Limitations applies to all cases and requires a legal claim to be settled or filed as a lawsuit withing a limited and definite time period. Once the Statute of Limitations has run the law will bar you from bringing your claim.

Web Site Content Disclaimers

The Injury Law Offices of Joseph C. McIntyre will continue to make every effort to keep this Web site current in terms of the information provided, although the firm does not guarantee that everything found on these pages will be completely up to date as the laws in Florida continue to change.  You are not authorized to copy any of the content from my Web site without first obtaining written permission.


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