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Brain Injuries

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Around 1.5 million people suffer traumatic brain injuries every year in the US. Serious brain injuries result in fatalities more than 50,000 times every year. Annually, approximately 80,000 people are left with lifelong disabilities after suffering a traumatic brain injury.

Brain injuries can be sustained from a number of possible causes. Brain injuries may occur due to falling objects, physical altercations, auto and truck accidents, negligent medical care, slip and fall accidents or injuries from a defective product. Brain injury may also be caused by extensive exposure to toxic substances, as well as a number of other incidents. Victims can commence lawsuits based on any of these causes of brain injuries assuming negligence can be proven. A lawsuit may be brought on behalf of individuals who are not physically or mentally capable of managing their own legal affairs (for example, comatose patients). Family members of a deceased victim may also bring forth a case on behalf of the victim if the death was caused by a brain injury due to another’s negligence.

There are a number of symptoms of brain injury that you should understand. These include the following:

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    Cognitive Impairmentincluding short term memory loss and losing one’s “train of thought.â€

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    Physical Impairment including loss of full motion of one or both extremities.

Obviously, the most serious result of a brain injury case is death. Symptoms do not always appear right after the incident. Symptoms may not appear until long after the accident, so you should be aware of any physical, amotional or mental changes after an accident.

If you have been the victim of a serious brain injury, you should be aware of the statute of limitations for this type of case. As with other legal claims, a brain injury lawsuit must be filed within a given amount of time after the injury. The case must be filed before the statute of limitations expires or the right to pursue the claim is forfeited. A competent personal injury attorney can help his clients understand the statute of limitations and law relating to a brain injury case in Florida. Attorney Joe McIntyre can discuss with you the presentation of evidence allowing you to prove that another party is at fault in causing a brain injury.

If needed, our office will be able to direct you to the type of doctors who handle brain injuries. It is important that a medical professional properly diagnose you after an injury. This is important for your health and for any legal action that you plan to take.

In order to receive the full amount of compensation you deserve, you should seek the advice of a Miami brain injury lawyer. We can help you obtain the compensation necessary, so please contact Attorney Joe McIntyre to discuss your case.

These claims require an attorney with a solid understanding of the anatomy of the brain as well as the medical and psychological consequences of brain injuries.

If you or a family member is a victim of an accident that results in a serious brain injury, you are invited to call Attorney Joe McIntyre for a free consultation.